Magnolia Manor

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Assisted Living Magnolia Manor

When you’re here, you’re home!

Family style assisted living

Small on purpose!

Expertly trained, caring & experienced staff 24/7

Simple. Comfortable. Luxurious. Home.


Golf-Course Living

Located within walking distance of a golf course & country club there is no shortage of activities.

Magnolia Manor is a home away from home. Boasting a sprawling property of gorgeous veiws and sightlines.

Whether you like to be out and about or prefer a peaceful day of close to home activities, we have something for you! Magnolia Manor’s micro setting allows personalization and customization to your individual needs.

Mornings at the Manor

When you are here, you are home!

Do you crave peaceful unhurried personalized morning routines!

Would you like to wake up to your favorite music or news station?

Maybe start with hot tea or coffee while you peruse the newspaper.

Do you like to brush your teeth and then have morning meditations?

Our kind staff assists in making mornings the best!

Staff support activities can range from assistance with oral care, bathing, and dressing, to medication management.

Whatever your needs,  Magnolia Manor cares to set the mood so you can start your day off right.


Afternoon Activities

When you are here, you are home!

We create an atmosphere where you can continue to interact with the community as you always have.

Do you have a long-standing bridge game with good friends that you still want to attend?

Do you love your local bible study and still want to attend?

Our residents at Magnolia Manor have access to a creative and personalized activities program. An annual trip, the ability to hold family dinners, and attendance at the local theater, dining, and cultural events.

Our on-site staff combines social interaction with mind-stimulating activities with the goal to extend the healthy and happy years of our residents.

The Magnolia Manor activities program focuses on fun, wellness, functional fitness, nutrition, cognitive stimulation, and community.

Suppers & Supportive Care

When you are here, you are home!

Whether our Magnolia Manor crew is dining in or dining out meal times are gaurenteed to be a good time.

Creating a space for laughter and interaction over delicious and healthy meal options specific to each residents needs and preferences.

The ability to take an after dinner stroll or sit on the outdoor area and watch the lightning bugs dance.

Magnolia Manor supports our residents from sun-up to sun-down.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a residential community to helps people with activities of daily living.  There may or may not be healthcare support; or round-the-clock medical care, or emergency care.

In assisted living, people typically have their own rooms (shared and private) or apartments. Gathering in general areas for dining or recreation is common. Many facilities include room and board, medication management, hygiene assistance, and housekeeping support. Socialization through leisure and recreation activities on and off-site is typical. Different facilities offer different levels of service, benefits, and expertise.

When Is It Time for Assisted Living?

Assisted living can be a way to maintain independence, even though they need some help with daily self-care, downsize from a large family home or live in a setting for social and safety reasons. Ultimately, focus your decision on the priority needs. Below are signs that it might be time to consider assisted living:

  • Increase in injuries: You or your loved one is falling or sustaining injuries more frequently.
  • Worsening health conditions: The person has diabetes, arthritis, or macular degeneration.
  • Cleanliness: The individual is experiencing difficulty keeping the house clean or maintaining personal hygiene
  • Depression and loneliness: You or your loved one is experiencing increasing feelings of sadness or isolation.
  • Withdrawal: The senior’s engagement with people or activities is declining.

Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

While you might not need assisted living yet, there are still a few reasons it might benefit you, such as:

  • Safety: Daily activities are getting more challenging to manage, but you don’t need full-time care. Assisted living facilities can offer as little or as much help as you need with basic tasks of daily life.
  • Community and socialization: Good facilities provide a rich social fabric that can improve life and connection immensely for isolated older adults. Even if you’re not isolated, becoming part of a supportive community can significantly enhance your quality of life as you age.
  • Maximizing independence: Assisted living aims to help people live as independently as possible. If you need some help but don’t need 24/7 care, assisted living can actually foster more independence than living at home.


What we offer!

Magnolia Manor has a goal to extend the healthy years of the older adult with a focus on successful aging.

We accomplish this through the support of a multidisciplinary team, casual visits from advanced practice providers multiple times a week, consistent access to experienced staff, and familiarity with our residents that can only happen in a small setting.

Our best feature is our ability to provide personalized care based on individual needs that is all-inclusive without hidden fees or charges.

Inclusive Health Services

All the care you need in one place.

Leave the coordinating to us.

24/7 On-Site Medical Staff

24 hours access to medical and support staff.

Assistance with medications, hygiene, appointments.


Chef Inspired Dining

Registered Dietitian created Meal plans

created by local chefs for delicious

homegrown seasonal meal offerings.

Robust activities program

Weekly Outings-Local Socialization-

Comprehensive program that focuses on Wellbeing, fitness, & fun!

Transportation on-demand

Transportation of our resident family members to and from appointments, religious services, and outings in style.

All Inclusive Pricing Model

One set price for all care needs!

No surprise charges!

Welcome Home!

We’re waiting for you!

End your search for the perfect assisted living facility and choose a place that feels like home!

Magnolia Manor is gorgeous. The location is amazing and central, the staff is so knowledgeable and supportive to family inquiries.

King, NY, NY

Picturesque. When the time comes for me to need assistance, I dream of a place as calming and beautiful as this.

A. Wilson, FL

Everything my mom could ever need, Magnolia Manor has thought of it all.

S. Lewis, ATL, GA